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 Classes are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:00pm

Included in the program;


  • Personal Fitness & Nutrition Assessment                100-

  • Customized fitness program

  • Boot Camp Handbook and progress log

  • Unlimited access to all classes

  • Online scheduling and reservations 

  • Complimentary Nutritional Coaching, Seminars and more!

Package Options

Monthly Program: $99.00

2 Month Program: $173.00 (Save $25)

3 Month program: $225.00 (Save $75)

All Boot Campers Must Complete a Boot Camp Orientation Prior to beginning program. 

During your orientation we will assess your current fitness level, nutrition intake, and discuss a specific goal you’d like to achieve. We will then design a specific program for you to ensure your success. Throughout your boot camp program, we will implement several strategies to keep you motivated, consistent and on path for your fitness success!

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“Get in, HIIT IT!, get on with your day! It’s that simple!”

Join one of our skilled Fitness Instructors for a High Intensity Fat Burning Course. Our Fat-burning course is not your typical workout. HIIT IT! is an expertly designed program that targets each muscle group with multiple high intensity focused movements before moving onto the next muscle group. This creates total body exhaustion, maximum calories burnt, and serious shredded results! We offer a limited class size for more personal and detailed workouts, Exercise variety, High Intensity  & best of all its affordable!  Using free weights, Battle Ropes, Kettlebell’s, jump ropes, and other highly effective equipment our Fitness Professional will Demonstrate, Motivate, and push you through a high-intensity fitness course designed to burn fat and improve your bodies metabolic performance. Our course is designed to challenge all fitness levels.


BUILD - A series of intense exercises incorporating TRX, Kettle belles, Jump Ropes, Battle Ropes, Free Weights & other fun equipment in a team building atmosphere. (Class capacity slightly smaller.) 

chicago boot camp 5

chicago boot camp

BURN - Instead of spending countless hours on “How to get a 6-pack,”  Just take this class. Several core based movements coupled with functional and intense exercises to keep your heart rate up, that 6-pack is just waiting.

chicago boot camp 1

chicago boot camp 4

SWEAT - A super intense and motivating course that incorporates your entire body. Go from one muscle group to the next until you’ve reached total body exhaustion. Maximum muscle toning, Maximum burn, Maximum SWEAT!

chicago boot camp 2

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